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Film Emulation

Take your shot to the next level and try Cula's signature film presets, this will be sure to excel your instagram game

Whiten teeth with a swipe and flash your pearly whites – it’s that simple.

Smooth, swipe away under eye circles and look refreshed.

Patch, Buh-bye acne! Remove blemishes with a tap. 

Make-up, give your blush a peachy boost or add a nice red lip. The options are limitless!

Easily emphasise or minimize features. Opt for bushier eyebrows or fuller lips!

Paint, create a complete makeup look with lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush or simply retouch the one you have.

The perfect shot doesn't exis...


Creative photo + video filter app developed by leading photographers and content creators.

Lets create together

Take your photography to the next level with precise colour adjustments, aesthetic presets & life changing editing tools!

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